Sebastian’s Journey

Sebastian is a 9 month old Great Dane cross Labrador who was referred to us from another veterinary clinic after a 2 week history of weight loss and inappetence and a suspect abdominal mass. 

Dr Karin Davids, our advanced head surgeon, immediately did an exploratory laparotomy, showing a very large intussusception. 

A small intestinal intussusception occurs when the intestine concertinas in on itself, slowly increasing in severity to the point the intestine eventually strangulates itself and dies off. In our video, Karin examines the small intestine to see what is and is not compromised. Ultimately a large area that was compromised needed to be removed. The success of this surgery is reliant on being quick but gentle, and being skilled at quickly but delicately re-attaching the ends of the viable intestine once the compromised section is removed. 

Remarkably, you can see Sebastian juts a few hours post-surgery doing amazingly well, already wanting to eat for the first time in days. After Dr Karin’s advanced surgical abilities, Southern Animal Health’s medical team takes over with intensive care, stringent pain control and antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory medications, and careful fluid and electrolyte monitoring. 

Sebastian was vastly improved the very next day and as such, was discharged and looking forward to putting all that lost weight back on.