Advanced Affordable Veterinary Surgery (AAVS) is an initiative that has been established by Southern Animal Health to offer pet owners an alternative to the high costs of specialist surgeons.

Commonly, many veterinary practices refer patients who require fairly routine surgeries to specialists, because they are more general surgeons who only perform basic surgeries. 

However, there are some general practices such as Southern Animal Health, who have very advanced surgeons who are technically not specialists, but they regularly perform complicated surgeries.

At Southern Animal Health we have two of these advanced highly skilled surgeons within our practice.

The costs for what are fairly standard surgeries in our clinic are far less than what specialists charge.

In addition to these significantly more affordable prices, AAVS has the potential to reduce these prices even further, from 10% to 30% in some circumstances.

There are two options for clients seeking AAVS assistance:

  1. Normal general surgical fees for more complex surgical cases, utilising very advanced surgeons (but technically not specialists, hence the price is far lower).
  2. Discounts of between 10-30% off these normal already lower fees under unique circumstances if appropriate.
We will use cruciate rupture as an example:

Specialist price: Often well over $5,000

General practice price using a more Advanced Surgeon $3,890

10% off if available – $3,501  
30% off if available – $2,723

View the surgeries that we perform, meet our general and advanced surgeons, and see examples of the types of surgeries that we can help you with.